How Hand Sanitizer, Wipes & Masks Are Crucial To The Fight Against Covid-19

The outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic has affected people all across the globe. The governments in different countries, health experts and medical fraternity are taking robust measures to combat the spread of the virus. With lockdown measures eased and economies being opened up for business, people have begun to go out more often and physical interactions have significantly increased too. 

At an individual level, everyone must play their part to help the cause as well. So, how can you join the fight against Covid-19? Since Covid-19 vaccine is yet to come, it is important that you keep social distancing rules. And at the same time, one of the most important things you can do is to stock up commercially made hand sanitizer, wipes and masks. These tools are playing a crucial role in the fight against Covid-19. 

As per health experts and scientists studying the novel coronavirus, there are two ways SARS-CoV-2(the virus that causes Covid-19) is spread from one person to another. First, when an infected person sneezes or coughs, the droplets containing the virus is exhaled by another individual and thus transmits the disease. Secondly, the virus has the capability to survive on various surfaces for a long period of time. This means that droplets from a Covid-19 patient or individual can rest on the surface of materials like a cup, currency note or let’s say clothes. A person who touches or comes in contact with it can be infected. 

Keeping this mind, the scientific opinion across the world has consistently and continuously stressed the need for using hand sanitizers, masks and wipes. Others even suggest the coronavirus spread can be controlled and reduced massively if only people use these essential products. Moreover, it is not the perfect prevention method, but it can reduce risks drastically. So, how does hand sanitizer, wipes and masks work against Covid-19? 

Hand Sanitizer

The importance of personal hygiene and keeping hands clean has been reiterated again and again since the pandemic began many months ago. Hand sanitizers are one of the best ways to prevent the spread of the virus and to keep yourself safe because it is fast and easy to use. 

A hand sanitizer can be accessed anywhere and anytime and used before eating, after coughing, using the bathroom, going to different places and touching different objects. Keep in mind that alcohol-based sanitizers are most effective against coronavirus. Sanitizers with minimum 60% alcohol content are known to eliminate viruses including the coronavirus. The envelope protein which is critical for the survival of a virus is destroyed by alcohol-based sanitizer. It is strongly advised that you choose commercial hand sanitizers which are tested and approved by recognized organization, unlike the home-made sanitizers. 


Wipes are helpful in households. It is commonly believed that there are many touch points in a home like door knob, glass, metal, laptops, smartphone, TV remote, plates and equipments. As mentioned before, coronavirus tends to survive on surfaces for a long period of time. The expert analysis says that it can stay in cardboard for 24 hours and 2-3 days in steel and plastic surfaces. Now wipes are very handy to clean any sort of contaminants and at the same time disinfect surfaces and make it free from pathogens. The health experts also advise to keep oneself healthy and boost immunity as it helps the body to fight against coronavirus. Thus, disinfectant wipes can be used to eliminate disease-causing bacterias and viruses. 


Use of masks is considered as a very useful and effective way in preventing transmission of Covid-19 along with appropriate social distancing. As per a combined study done by researchers from universities in Sydney, Harvard and Arizona, coronavirus can be completely eliminated if 70% population wear a commercial mask made professionally. 

A study was conducted by Indian researchers from government and private institution which showed how masks could block the airborne transmission of coronavirus when a person coughs, sneezes or talks by simulating the aerodynamic flow of particles. It further elaborates the difference between wearing a mask and not wearing one. 

The following result was found which said, “Within one minute of sneezing by a person who had not worn a mask, approximately 37% of the potential viral load in the ejecta was found deposited on the floor, within 2 metres of the person, while the remaining 63% remained suspended in the air, between 2 metres and 5 metres from the individual. However, when a mask was won, about 70% of virus-laden droplets were deposited on the mask, while those that escaped could potentially take the virus no farther than 1.5 metres, the study found.”

Therefore wearing masks while going out or interacting with someones can solve most of the problems associated with the spreading of the coronavirus. 

In case you were wondering why medical professionals and authorities have said it a million times to use hand sanitizers, wipes and masks, now you probably know the scientific reason behind it. Rubicon is one of the leading companies with an excellent range of hand sanitizers, masks and wipes that match national and international standards. Use these essential products and join in the fight against Covid-19.