When should I use TazMint?

TazMint chewable on-the-go mouthwash tablets are perfect for those moments when brushing your teeth is not possible and you need that ‘just brushed’ clean feeling—after a meal or coffee, before a meeting or date, after a flight, at the gym, or on a trek. They clean hard to reach areas of your mouth, like the back of the mouth and under the tongue for a deep mouth cleanse. Just pop, chew, swirl, swallow and you are good to go! Both sugar and alcohol free, TazMints provide noticeably fresh breath for up to 4 hours. Carry the pocket-friendly pack for instant freshness anytime, anywhere.


How long does TazMint’s effect last?

TazMint deep cleansing mints are a revolutionary new way to clean your teeth and provide long-lasting fresh breath—for up to 4 hours in just 60 seconds! They are s a water-free, mess-free, stress-free solution for a deep mouth cleanse anytime, anywhere.


How many times can I have TazMint in a day?

There are no adverse effects associated with the daily intake of TazMint deep cleansing mints. However, do not exceed more than 6 TazMints a day.


How is TazMint different from gums or mints?

Gums and mints only provide fresh breath, that too for a short time. TazMint works harder than typical gums and mints to provide a deep mouth cleanse and freshens your mouth for up to 4 hours! TazMint combines the benefits of 3 oral care products—the cleansing of toothpaste, the protection of mouthwash and freshness of a mint. The formula has micro scrubbers that clean hard to reach areas, like between the teeth and under the tongue. Its active ingredients reduce oral acidity, and fight bad breath, cavities, tooth decay, and gum sensitivity. TazMint’s formula rebalances your oral pH, protecting teeth enamel and gums, and removes bio film from your teeth (that layer that forms on your teeth throughout the day) leaving your mouth feeling as clean as brushing.


Is TazMint safe to swallow?

TazMint deep cleansing mints are made with FDA approved food-grade ingredients, making them 100% safe to swallow. They are specifically formulated to be ingested and have zero alcohol (unlike mouthwashes), and are sugar-free, gluten-free and vegetarian.


Is TazMint safe for kids?

TazMint deep cleansing mints are suitable for all age groups, except for children below the age of 5 years, for whom it might be a choking hazard.