Fab Active Period Care | Iron, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Zinc & Vitamin B6 Supplement | Supports Haemoglobin, Blood Building, Hormonal Balance & Pain Relief | Relieves PMS Symptoms | Non-constipating Formula | Strawberry Flavour 30 Tablet

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✓ MAXIMUM BIOAVAILABILITY & ABSROPTION OF IRON TO FIGHT ANAEMIA: Periods are the most common cause of iron loss worldwide. Women need 2X more daily Iron than men. Our mini glides have Ferrous Bisglycinate, the most advanced chelated Iron molecule, providing superior bioavailability and absorption. It increases haemoglobin levels better than other conventionally used types of Iron, making it ideal for women combating low Iron levels or anaemia caused by low levels of heathy RBCs.

✓ BOOSTS HAEMOGLOBIN LEVELS, REPLENISHES LOST MINERALS & VITAMINS: Our health supplement is specially formulated for women, keeping in mind their distinct nutritional needs. Women lose 40-80 ml of blood during a menstrual cycle. During and after their periods, women's bodies must create new red blood cells. Our high strength formula has carefully selected, safe and effective ingredients that help blood cell production and replenish minerals and vitamins lost during the menstrual cycle.

✓ RELIEVES PMS SYMPTOMS, PAIN, CRAMPS & DISCOMFORT: Our powerhouse nutrients regulate the menstrual cycle and provide relief.
Folic Acid helps deliver oxygen to the body, reducing fatigue and cramps. Along with Vitamin B6, it makes ‘happy neurotransmitters’, which reduce mood swings.
Vitamin C boosts immunity and helps the body absorb Iron.
Vitamin B12 eases cramps, keeps nerves healthy and supports blood cell production.
Zinc regulates hormone release and helps prevent cramps and reduces pain.

✓ HELPS YOU STAY ENERGISED & ACTIVE: As a result of monthly periods and Iron loss, many women feel tired and sluggish. That’s because Iron is an essential mineral used by the body to help produce energy. Iron helps the body carry oxygen in the blood to every cell. If Iron levels are low, less oxygen reaches tissues and muscles, and your energy levels start to dip. That’s where Fab Active Period Care steps in and ensures your body gets the nutrients and energy it needs to stay active and strong.

✓ IMPROVES CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH, IMMUNITY & COGNITIVE FUNCTIONS: Fab Active Period Care is packed with Iron, Folic Acid, Vitamin C and B12—the perfect combination of nutrients that support cardiovascular and mental health, strengthen the immune system, improve blood health and mental alertness, and protect nerves from damage.

✓ GENTLE ON THE STOMACH, NON-CONSTIPATING FORMULA, IDEAL FOR SENSITIVE STOMACHS: Our formula is designed to be gentle on the stomach, which makes the glide easier to digest and eases constipation. Our advanced chelated Iron molecule (Ferrous Bisglycinate) also lowers the incidence of upset stomach and other gastrointestinal side effects commonly associated with taking Iron supplements.

✓ EASY TO SWALLOW MINI GLIDES, NO METALLIC AFTERTASTE: Our strawberry-flavoured mini glides are very small and have an innovative coating that makes them easy to swallow, with a pleasant aftertaste.


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